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Analyzing your gaps

Every organization has a group of skillful workers required to run that business efficiently. It is essential to hire competent staff to sustain in a competitive market. Therefore, one needs to analyze what kind of worker he should hire based on their expertise and business requirement and what business module to attain maximum profits. This is where HR Gap Analysis is applied. 


The purpose of HR Gap Analysis is to allow decision-makers to evaluate;

  -Their current workforce skills and capabilities, 


  –Where they stand in the market, 

It is essential to know if your product/service is known among people in good words. Word of mouth gives you an edge over your competitors. 

  –How they can improve further

Once you know your flaws and weaknesses, you can implement strategies to fix them to sustain them successfully.

  -What are their goals, and what future changes they need to implement to be more successful?

Knowing what you want to achieve is a significant factor. You should know precisely the thing you are working for and how to excel in it. If some decisions are not going in favor of the company, they to be changed accordingly.

It gives them a clear picture of the internal factors of their organization. 

HR Tools for Gap Analysis

Swot Analysis is used to prepare a gap analysis draft. It focuses on the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of an organization which helps decision-making authorities make necessary changes in their organization. Once they go through all these factors, they are better positioned to develop a new or alternate plan that can work for their benefit. 


– Things your company is good at.

– Qualities that separate you from machines

– Skills and knowledgeable staff 

– Tangible assets such as property.

– Capital


– Things your company lacks

– Things your competitors are better at

– Limited resources

– Unclear selling strategies

– Inefficient marketing techniques


– Monopoly

– Press/media coverage

– Emerging needs for your products/services.


– Emerging competitors

– Negative media, press coverage

– Changing customers attitude towards your company

– Availability of substandard raw material

– Unhappy Employees 

Conducting an HR gap analysis can help you figure out long-term sustainable success for your organization. . It gives you the information you need to hire more strategically and make the best use of the talented employees you already have. It will provide employees with a chance to discover their potential and use it for the benefit of the organization. You will no longer be unaware of your company’s future as you will have a strategic plan based on your evaluations, which will help the management and its people move forward together to better your business.